Metronidazole pills

Metronidazole pills are tablets of anti-protozoal antibiotic administered to patients for treatment of various bacterial and protozoa infections. The drug comes to the market in different dosages, shapes and colours of pills. The drug is on the list of World Health Organization essentials. It is comparatively cheap and  affordable. The drug is mostly applied for treatment of infectious diseases and inflammations in pelvic tissues, bones and teeth due to ability to penetrate in hard tissues very deep. From this review you will find out which diseases are effectively treated with the drug,  how to correctly take the pills and which side effects to expect. We have also collected top user reviews on how Metronidazole works and for which diseases it is ultimately effective.

How Metronidazole pills work?

The pills of the drug deliver to the body the 5-nitroimidazole which binds to the proteins of bacteria and protozoa and prevents their DNA structures from replicating. In this way the drug stops the microorganisms from growing and spreading in the body assisting the immune system of the body to effectively clear out the infection.

The pills of Metronidazole perform anti-inflammatory effect and provide immediate relief of symptoms of infection or inflammation. However to be sure that Metronidazole pills are right for your case, you need to see your doctor and get medical quantitative and qualitative tests done to find out which type of bacteria is causing inflammation and what is the scale of the inflammation (what is the quantity of bacteria in your body – this affects the choice of dosage of the prescribed drug).

What Metronidazole treats?

Metronidazole treats a wide range of infections among which there are:

  • bacterial vaginosis
  • amebiasis
  • trichomoniasis (the most frequently diagnosed sexual infection caused with protozoa)
  • inflammations of pelvic tissues and bones caused with susceptible types of bacteria
  • dental diseases of bacterial or protozoal nature
  • the drug is also effective against diseases and conditions caused with Helicobacter Pylori.

Metronidazole is a prescription drug which requires thorough prior medical examination. The reason is that most of the diseases perform similar symptoms and are hard to diagnose only on signs and presences. For example, you will not distinguish vaginitis from  early thrichomoniasis. Both conditions features vaginal discomfort, pain during shower or manipulations as sexual intercourse or vaginal tampon insertion.

What will happen in case of a wrong antibiotic used?

Most of the antibiotics (including Metronidazole tablets) provide anti-inflammatory effect which ensures fast relief of unpleasant symptoms as itching, burning, pain, swelling of inflamed tissues. However, if the antibiotic does not work against the type of bacteria or protozoa causing infection, you will treat only symptoms leaving the cause of your diseases untreated. What can you expect in this case? The disease will always be back right after you finish taking pills, the conditions will get even worse. Mind that antibiotics affect liver and kidneys and prolonged treatment with antibiotics may lead to kidney or liver failure.

Warning! When taking antibiotics without prescription and without prior testing and examination, you risk the health of your kidneys and liver.

What are the forms and dosages of the drug?

Metronidazole pills are supplied in two dosages which are 250mg and 500mg. No other dosages are available on the market. However Metronidazole is also available in generic forms. Mind that generic drugs may come to the market in other dosages.

The pills of Metronidazole are of two shapes. You cab buy online the pills of 500mg in round and oval form. The pills of 250mg are also available in round and oval  shape. All pills are of white colour. Original drug comes only in white colour.

Do not mistake pills with capsules. Mind that the drug also comes in capsules which can be of white, green or grey and yellow colour. The capsules commonly contain 375mg of the drug.

Mind that Metronidazole is also marketed as Flagyl. The pills of Flagyl are commonly of blue colour and of round shape and contain 250mg of Metronidazole. The 500mg dosage pills of Flagyl come in oval pills.

How to take pills of Metronidazole correctly

Analysing user reviews you can find out that the drug is not as effective as doctors believe it to be. We have identified top mistakes of Metronidazole intake.

Mistake #1 taking a wrong dosage of Metronidazole

Many patients are worried with having infectious disease and desire to get rid of the condition immediately. So, they start exceeding the dosage or taking drug too frequently. Metronidazole pills are commonly prescribed to be taken after meals 2 times a day with a glass of water. In such a way you are more probable to get side effects, but not recovery. Moreover increased dosage of the drug may sufficiently damage the kidneys and liver. Please, do never exceed the prescribed dosage in order to avoid possible side effects and enjoy safe treatment with no risks of damaging vital body parts. In most cases severe side effects caused with overdosing will make you terminate the treatment and thus postpone your recovery.

Mistake #2 withdrawing the treatment right after the symptoms go off

As we have already explained, almost all antibiotic drugs provide anti-inflammatory effect and thus cause immediate relief of bothersome symptoms. However this does not mean that you have recovered from the infection. Please, do not withdraw the treatment and take the pills for the entire course prescribed to you.

Mistake #3 treatment of only one partner

Women commonly think that bacterial vaginosis is a dysfunction in their bodies which does not relate to the health of their sexual partner. Concealing the disease and getting treatment in secret from partner will do no good to the health of both as the partner (even if there are no visible symptoms in his case) will infect a patient again and again during every close contact.

The treatment of bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis msu get both partners no matter there are or there are no symptoms in partner. Both partners must take the treatment for the same period of time and must pass lab tests after the end of taking the pills.