Metronidazole over the counter

Metronidazole over the counter is a solution for those patients who want to save time and money as this is a prescription drug. It is available without prescription online only. The ultimate risk of getting drugs from online stores is getting a fake drug. Recent studies have performed that the most popular drugs as antibiotics, anti-fungal, anti-protozoal drugs, sex pills are the most faked. From this review you will find out the rules of getting Metronidazole without prescription as well as you will learn the biggest risks of getting any drugs without prescription.

How to get Metronidazole over the counter

Metronidazole belongs to the antibiotics – a drug that kills bacteria or protozoa and clears the infection out. As all antibiotics Metronidazole provides potent anti-inflammatory effect and instant relief of symptoms.

In some countries with strict drug policies none of the antibiotics are available without prescription. This means that you will not be able to buy a drug without seeing your doctor and getting a signed document authorizing a pharmacist to sell you the prescribed medicine.

It is still unclear why patients are so scatter-brained on health issues and why people take the drugs without prescription. However it is ultimately clear why you will want to get Metronidazole over the counter.

The only way to get the drug without visiting your doctor is buying Metronidazole online.

What diseases does Metronidazole treats?

Metronidazole is a wide spectrum antibiotic and anti-protozoal drug which is on the list of health essentials of the World Health Organization. Due to its ability to penetrate deeply into hard tissues Metronidazole is used to treat bacterial infections of teeth, jaws and bones.

However one of the key diseases Metronidazole is prescribed for is bacterial infections which are transmitted through close sexual contact. Among these there are bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis. Metronidazole relieves the symptoms very fast and clears the infection out in a matter of 7 days. To achieve recovery and to get safe treatment for your disease, you need to know:

  • which bacteria or protozoa cause infection in your body
  • the quantitative scale of infection
  • your exact body mass

Unfortunately, you will not get this information without getting lab tests done and visiting your doctor.

What risks of taking Metronidazole over the counter

Risk #1 taking a wrong medicine for your disease

Some infections, yeast vaginal infection as well as trichomoniasis may perform similar symptoms at the beginning as increased vaginal discharge, itching, burning, redness. If you buy Metronidazole without prescription online without knowing exactly what causes the conditions in your body: is it immune stress and just a change of vaginal flora or severe contamination with a strange strain of bacteria or protozoa. As the drug will relieve bad feeling and evident symptoms of the disease from the first couple of intakes, and you will feel better immediately, still you will not treat the cause of the disease. You will get caught in the infinite cycle, as soon as you stop taking the medicine, you will get your symptoms back. Bad news is that at some point your body and your immune system will stop resisting the infection. It will go up and will finally reach your brain. At this point any disease is irreversible. Nothing will make you recover.

Risk #2 overdosing

When patients take treatment without individual recommendations from the doctor following standard instructions provided in the patients’ info leaflet, they tend to take the largest dosages allowed for one-time intake. Their desire is clear. Infectious diseases cause immense discomfort, sexual infections make sexual life and other direct contacts with people impossible. You feel isolated. However taking a larger than recommended or a maximum dosage will not make good for you. Antibiotics affect the way your liver, kidneys and pancreas function.

Overdosing does not lead to faster recovery. But you can severely damage liver and kidneys. Moreover overdosing increases the risks of developing side effects which are the great risk of termination of the treatment as some side effects as headache or stomach cramps are intolerable.

Risk #3 early withdrawal of the treatment

The matter is that any infection to be successfully cleared out from the body needs constant affect of an antibiotic. Metronidazole will relieve the symptom making you sure that infection goes off. However if you terminate the treatment before time the chances are very high that it will occur again and even stronger.

Please, if you decide on getting treatment of your disease without professional medical supervision, then follow strictly all the instructions provided with the drug. Read the instruction carefully. Compare your symptoms to the symptoms described in the instruction and decide on the dosage which is the least possible for your case.

How to take Metronidazole without prescription?

The key tip is taking the drug exactly as it is described in the instruction. Please, read the section about side effects of the drug and consider all possible contraindications and precautions.

Metronidazole is not allowed in women planning pregnancy, being pregnant or breastfeeding as the drug passes to the unborn baby or passes to the breast milk.

Do not take the drug if you are not sure you are not pregnant. Before taking the first pill of Metronidazole, please, do the home pregnancy test. If the result is unclear, please, repeat the test and do not start the treatment.

If you are planning pregnancy and is forced into treatment with Metronidazole, please, follow the next instructions:

be sure that both of you get treatment – if your sexual partner does not get treatment, then chances are he or she will infect you again during the next sexual intercourse.

Take the drug as it is prescribed in the patients’ info leaflet – an optimum dosage for a proper time.

Practice safe sex to the end of the cycle in which you are taking the treatment – if the treatment lasts till the end of menstrual bleeding, please, skip this cycle. Use condoms for safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

If you buy Metronidazole over the counter without seeing your doctor, please, follow all the instruction. Over the counter drugs are safe only in case you do not violate the rules of intake, dosing and treatment. Mind that you take all the responsibility for possible side effects and risks of over the counter treatment.