Generic Flagyl

Original Flagyl is produced by Pfizer, world’s leading pharmaceutical company, investing in research, testing, development of components, drugs, patient’s specific reactions to the action of the medicine. Such an approach to the drug production sufficiently adds to the initial price of the drug. Original Flagyl has Metronidazole as its key ingredient. It is supplied to the market in pills, capsules and intravenous injections. Generic Flagyl is the same Metronidazole but marketed without any trade name. Original and generic Flagyl pills feature some differences but the same mode of action. From this review you will find out what are the differences of original and generic drug and which of them to choose to treat your conditions.

What are the key differences of original and generic Metronidazole

Pfizer commonly produces its drugs extremely distinguishable. You can easily understand that you buy a Pfizer pill. Just think of Viagra. Branded blue pills with inscriptions of manufacturer and the indication of dosage. The same case with Flagyl branded pills.

Original Falgyl comes to the market in pills of two dosages. You will find oval film coated blue pills of 500mg and round shaped blue film coated pills of 250mg.

If you choose generic Flagyl which is marketed under the name of its key component  – Metronidazole, then it is sold in pills of the same two dosages: 250mg and 500mg. Though the pills feature the same forms (round shape for 250mg pills and oval shape for 500mg pills), then in matter of colour the generic Metronidazole pills can vary from purely white to greyish and yellowish. These are all visual distinguishes of original and generic Metronidazole.

Both drugs feature the same prescriptions and the same routes of administration. They seem to be the same if reviewing their indications and usages. However patients’ reviews prove that the effect is different.

In terms of side effects, expensive Flagyl produced by Pfizer performs less side effects and these occur less frequently than in case with generic one. This is simple to explain as the Pfizer drug is purer and contains higher quality ingredients.

In terms of effect original and generic drug are equal. You will not recover faster if you buy original Metronidazole (Flagyl). The success and efficacy of your treatment depends only on the correctness of diagnosis (if you treat a disease which is caused by bacteria or protozoa which are susceptible to the action of Metronidazole, then the treatment will be effective, however if micro-organism is resistant to the action of the drug, then no matter what drug you will choose, you will not recover).

One time dosage of Flagyl and Metronidazole work in the same way and are the same effective.

As original so generic Flagyl feature the same mode of action. The drug gets transformed into your body into its active state and interacts with the proteins of bacteria or protozoa causing infection. The active form of the drug penetrates into DNA, binds with its structures and prevents the DNA structures from replication. This means that a micro-organism turns unable to develop, replicate and grow.

Patients’ reviews prove that original drug works a bit faster. However this acceleration of action is not sufficient. Besides this difference can be tracked only during lab testing and monitoring of the patient neuro-activity.

Generic drug is proved to lead to severer stomach cramps and headache. Patients reviews of Flagyl do not report headache as those patients being on Metronidazole treatment.

The key difference between these two drugs however lies in their price. Original Flagyl produced by Pfizer is much more expensive than generic Flagyl.

How to take generic drug?

Generic and original Flagyl work in the same way as they contain the same active ingredients and feature the same mode of action. Flagyl (no matter it is branded or generic drug) is an FDA approved medicine. This means that the composition of the drug must be the same otherwise it is forbidden for sale.

Thus, if you buy Flagyl without prescription and choose the drug and dosage based upon provided instructions and indications then we strongly recommend to find official documented instructions and indications for usage. For example, Pfizer publishes patient information on its official website. We recommend to find the same information on the website of a producer of a generic drug. Why it is a must?

While we choose between alternative drugs, still each company and each pill producer tests and researches the drugs and composes specific instructions and indications which are considering the way the drug is acting.

We do not recommend reading and taking to the account indications provided by Pfizer if you are choosing the generic drug. The matter is that original drugs are commonly weighed extremely exactly. While generic drugs can be under-weighed or over-weighed. This means that this drug will supply yo each time a different dosage. Another risk is that considering that your case requires 750mg of Flagyl each day, taking a generic drug you will not get a required dosage and thus the treatment will not be as effective as with original drug. Considering that you will need to buy additional pills to get your conditions recovered, you will not save anything on purchase generic drug.

Final recommendations of generic and original Flagyl?

No matter which drug you will choose (either Pfizer Flagyl or generic Metronidazole), we strongly recommend you to see a doctor first. Your healthcare provider will recommend you the producer of Metronidazole, will prescribe treatment and specify its duration.

Generic Metronidazole is the best choice to save money especially if you are facing a long term treatment. Generic drugs require very careful approach. You must choose a safe and reputable supplier. If you doubt the quality of the drug offered on a suspicious drug store website, you always have a choice to buy original Flagyl produced by Pfizer. To choose a reputable supplier of generic Metronidazole you need to check:

  • side effects
  • treated diseases
  • precautions and contraindications
  • licences and documentation authorizing online drug selling.

Those websites which pursue the aim to sell drug and not to help a person are easily distinguishable based upon these factors.