Metronidazole gel

Metronidazole gelMetronidazole gel is an antiprotozoal antobiotic administered to patients to treat infections caused with bacteria. The medicine is available in different forms: capsules, cream, Metronidazole gel. The latter is preferable for vaginal infections with acute symptoms which require immediate relief. The gel form of medicine is also administered to patients suffering from rosacea. From this review you will find out, how to apply the medicine to treat various diseases, warnings on dosages and methods of applications.

How to apply  Metronidazole gel for rosacea treatment?

Rosacea is a skin disease characterized with flushing, inflamed blemishes and bumps. Patients report itching, red spots and skin upper layer changes performed with superficial, dilated blood vessels. The disease commonly affects face and sufficiently spoils quality of life of a patient. Initially the disease begins with redness of nose and central area of face, gradually spreading to the outer fronts.

Doctors link the disease to environment problems (being a specific skin reaction towards certain environmental triggers as lasting exposure to sunlight). Other theories link the disease to genetics and hereditary factors. Another hypothesis claims rosacea to be stemmed from certain molecules of defected skin cells.

Unfortunately, genuine causes of rosacea are unknown. Among causes diagnosed as bacterial infections for which  Metronidazole gel is administered and applied, mites, and a range of psychological stress factors as stress and over-fatigue.

Rosacea rarely occurs as a response to acne or wrinkle treatment. Such aggressive treatments of skin commonly cause thinning of superficial layers of face skin.

Rosacea is a complex disease which can respond to various factors and can be presented with symptoms of various severity. The symptoms can also be present for different time.

Metronidazole in a gel form is an optimum solution for roseacea treatment as it combines not only effective cure but ultimate care of affected skin keeping in moisturised and protected.

The get should be applied only once a day only to the affected areas of the skin. The gel is supplied in tubes with a mechanism of delivery of exact dosage. Please, consult your doctor on how to correctly apply gel and for how long you have to apply the topical medicine to get your skin condition improved.

Learn the last part of this review to find out the rules of application of the drug.

How to apply Metronidazole gel for vaginal infections treatment?

Metronidazole is active component of treatment of sexually transmitted infections as trichomoniasis.

Mind that gel is not applied alone only. You must get complex treatment prescribed. Gel is preferable for cases with acute symptoms which require instant relief. The vaginal gel comes in tubes and must be applied twice a day using a special applicator. The duration of treatment will vary depending on the case.

Please, do not apply the medicine if you are not sure in causes of the symptoms.

Normally patients pass complete medical examination including vaginal cell smear, blood test (qualitative and quantitative) to find out which type of bacteria causes inflammation and what is the scale of inflammation in your body. Considering these results, your healthcare provider will prescribe you the treatment which will include the drug in pills and  Metronidazole gel, will specify the duration of treatment and further scheme of tests.

To apply the gel for treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Unpack the drug. You will find an applicator inside the pack. It looks like a barrel. The applicator features a plunger which moves inside the barrel and pushes the gel into vagina.

For effective treatment of bacterial vaginosis you must strictly follow the instructions provided by your doctor. If you dare buy the drug without prescription and apply it at your own risk, then keep strictly to the instructions provided in the patient’s leaflet.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are bothersome. You feel irritated. Vaginal discomfort and discharge makes you feel awful. Some patients being haunted by the severe symptoms try to accelerate treatment to recover faster. However applying the gel more frequently or applying more gel at a time will do no good for your condition. As the disease is of bacterial nature, a systematic approach to treatment is a must.

Overdosing with  Metronidazole gel will not do harm for your health, but such an approach will only lead to misuse of the drug and will not advance your recovery in any way.

How to apply the gel vaginally?

Mind that the gel must be applied only intra-vaginal. Do not apply the gel on labia or anal verge.

Follow the next algorithm of taking a dosage of gel of  Metronidazole.

  1. Get a dosage of gel of Metronidazole into the barrel. Please, measure the dosage correctly, otherwise you will not be enough of a single tube for an entire course of treatment.
  2. Lay on your back with your knees bent and relax, breath deeply.
  3. Take a deep breath and insert the appicator into your vagina. Stop when you start feeling uncomfortable. Mind that due to the disease and irritation, you can feel discomfort when inserting the applicator. Stop when you feel the applicator has got in deep enough. Do not move the applicator fast as you can damage the inner layer of your vagina.
  4. Start to slowly press the plunger till it stops. You will feel as get is entered in your vagina.
  5. Carefully withdraw the barrel from your vagina trying not to expel the gel from the vagina. If so, please, try to estimate which dosage of gel is out and add dosage in vagina. Under-dosing will prolong the treatment. Lack of dosage may also worsen the symptoms of the disease.
  6. Applicator is only for one time usage. Do not use it again even if you wash and clean it.
  7. Do not get up for at least of 15 minutes after gel insertion. Otherwise it will be out of the vagina.

Rules of application of  Metronidazole gel

  • As the drug is intended for bacterial disease usage, please, wash hands each time before and after application.
  • Vaginal gel application can increase vaginal discharge. Be sure to contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible when the symptom turn bothersome or gets worse.

Do not terminate the treatment if you feel better. If the disease will not be treated completely and the drug will be withdrawn earlier than needed, then it can relapse and perform even more severe symptoms.