Metronidazole cream

Metronidazole gelMetronidazole cream is an anti-protozoal antibiotic in cream for topical application which is intended for treatment of skin infections caused with susceptible bacteria and protozoa types. The drug is used to treat acne infection of face and body. This is a prescription medicine which is not recommended for application without prior seeing a doctor and getting prescription. From this review you will find out how the cream acts against acne, how to apply the cream and what to expect.

Metronidazole cream action against facial problems

The medicine is effective in treatment of such skin conditions as rosacea and acne. It acts by reducing redness, skin discomfort and swelling of irritated areas of face. The exact mechanism of action on acne and rosacea is still unknown, however the cream performs sufficient effect and improves skin condition. The FDA approved the medicine for treatment of skin conditions far back as in 1997.

Proper application of cream reduces swelling, itching of irritated skin areas. It reduces the number of acne and sufficiently lessens the redness and presence of rosacea.

What is proper usage of Metronidazole topical cream?

A patient needs to get prescription from healthcare provider to be sure that the drug is right for correction of a certain skin condition. Metronidazole cream provides anti-inflammatory effect and thus it will help even in cases if bacteria causing acne is resistant to this antibiotic. The application of improper drug will only worsen the condition and prolong the treatment as it will only relieve inflammation and reduce the presence of key symptoms. However right in the moment the cream will be withdrawn the condition will be back.

That is why tip #1 of proper application of this topical medicine is:

visiting a doctor to find out the true cause of the skin condition.

The next step to ensure effective treatment of the condition is to be sure the drug is safe for you. In the next section you will find precautions and contraindications of the cream application.

Precautions and contraindications of Metronidazole cream

The cream features the only contraindications which is allergic reaction or hypersensitivity to the main ingredient of the cream or its additives. Visiting a doctor will ensure that the cream is right for you and safe for application. Warn your doctor that you are allergic to certain types of:

  • medicines
  • foods
  • external triggers as pet hair, blossom or household dust, certain care products or chemicals.

Precaution for application of the topical drug is tearing of the eyes. That is why you need to avoid contact with eyes during or after cream application. It is also advised to thoroughly wash hands before and after cream application. If he medicine gets into the eyes, please, rinse your eyes with large quantity of water.

There are rare cases when the drug causes severe reaction of skin as burning. In this case it is recommended to apply the cream less frequently. If the reaction of skin is still present, please, stop application and report the response of your skin to your doctor for further treatment management.

Patients with hypersensitivity of skin should apply the cream carefully and track their conditions and feel.

There are no proper test results of Metronidazole topical cream used in pregnant patients. However it is known that the drug passes into breast milk and forms the concentration which is in the blood of a breastfeeding woman.

In case you are pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding, please, consult your doctor on your condition. We do not recommend to get radical treatments for rosacea or acne as Metronidazole performs in these conditions. Moreover, the pregnancy can also cause certain skin changes as increased redness or acne-like presences. We recommend starting any treatment only when you already stop feeding your baby with breast milk.

Tip #2 of successful and effective application of Metronidazole cream:

be sure you do not have specific conditions which may get worse during application of the cream

Another key to success of the treatment with cream is proper storage of the opened tube.

The cream must be stored at room temperature of 18 to 30C. Do not store the cream in the fridge, in the bathroom or at any other  place with the risk of high humidity.

Always close the tube securely. Keep out from kids’ reach. Please, be sure that nobody from your family will use the cream.

The success of treatment also depends on the mode of application. Do not exceed the dosage prescribed to your by your doctor. More and more patients violate this rule and visit their healthcare providers claiming low efficiency of the cream. Still during the questioning, it turns out that patients apply too much of cream hoping for faster effect or they apply the cream too frequently.

The recommended mode of applications is applying thin layer of cream to affected and irritated skin areas or to skin areas with visible changes. The number of applications per day – 2 maximum.

Another reason of low efficacy of the cream is poor skin care. You must understand that the medicine is only one step in a long chain of actions required for recovery or constant reduction of inflammations. Some patients confess they do not clean the skin properly. Some girls do not care about removing make up before cream application.

Tip #3 of successful and effective Metronidazole cream application is:

proper care about your skin

If you lack knowledge on proper skin care, please, consult your doctor.  Ask for advice of proper cleansers and toners, discuss what make-up cosmetics (for women) and what shaving cosmetics (for men) is preferable for your case. Cheap or low quality cosmetics harms skin health and worsens its condition and look. In rare cases cosmetics cab become a cause of acne and rosacea.

Mind that you must not apply make up cosmetics or daily skin care cosmetics right after cream application. It is recommended to wait for at least 15 minutes to let the cream get absorbed before applying makeup.

Metronidazole topical skin treatment is an effective solution for male and female patients aged 18 and older. We do not recommend to apply the cream on adolescent or child’s skin without visiting a doctor.

When to stop treatment?

There are cases when you must immediately stop treatment and see your doctor. These cases are:

  • severe reactions of your skin – itching, burning, sever exfoliation
  • severe condition worsening
  • bruising – when you notice bruises on the spots of cream application, please, do not apply the next dosage and immediately visit your doctor.