Buy Metronidazole online

Buy Metronidazole onlineTo buy Metronidazole online without prescription is an optimum solution for those  who are facing a long-term treatment requiring up to 30-45 dosages of the drug, for those, who can not afford original offline Flagyl commonly offered in local drug stores and for  those who do not have a prescription. From this review you will find out when to buy Metronidazole (Flagyl – original or generic) online, how to choose effective drug and how to avoid fake drugs. In this review you will find an exact algorithm of actions how to buy safe drug and how to maximize the effect of your treatment.

What are the common risks of purchasing drugs online?

People eagerly buy drugs online no matter how serious or dangerous these drugs are. Some of the patients avoid purchasing even vitamins online while others order such serious drugs as Tamoxifen developed and marketed to treat breast cancer in men and women.

However buying drugs online is safe if you know all possible risks of getting fake drugs and follow a strict algorithm of actions.

Risk #1 – getting a fake drug

Recent Pfizer study performed that over 80% of drugs sold online are faked ones. This means that these drugs do have nothing in common with original formulation. While 50% of faked drugs will not help to relieve your symptoms and recover from a disease, another 50% will potentially harm your health as they contain inadmissible components as ink or heavy metals.

That is why we recommend to learn the information about the drug, its composition and mode of action from the official website of the drug manufacturer. In case with Metronidazole (Flagyl) we have an anti-protozoal drug which contains Metronidazole. The drug when gets in the body converts into an active form which interacts with the proteins of micro-organisms, binds to the structures of their DNAs and prevents them from replication. In such a way the drug stops the invasion of the bacteria or protozoa in your body and assists your immune system to clear the infection out from your body.

No matter which drug you will choose (either Flagyl or to buy Metronidazole online) the pill must feature the same composition: it contains 250mg or 500mg of Metronidazole.

To choose an effective and safe drug you must watch the next factors:

  • the dosage – Metronidazole as well as Flagyl comes in pills of 250mg and 500mg, in capsules of 375mg, in intravenous injections.
  • The look of the drugs – as original Flagyl so generic Metronidazole feature the same form of pills in equal dosages. The pills of 250mg are of round shape, while the pills of 500mg are of oval shape. The colouring of pills will differ. Pfizer (original Flagyl) produces the pills in brand blue colour with imprints of dosage on one side of the pill and brand name on the other side of the pill. Both as original so generic Metronidazole is sold in packs of 50 and 100 pills. Considering standard schemes of intake a box of 50 pills will be enough for up to 16 days of treatment, while the box of 100 pills will be enough for 30 days of treatment.

Risk #2 getting a wrong dosage of the drug

When you buy Metronidazole online no prescription you take responsibility for the correctness of your choice of drug and dosage. You will not be able to turn the drug back. Though as original so generic pills Metronidazole feature a split line, still we do not recommend to purchase a drug in 500mg unless your doctor prescribes you. Even if your doctor prescribes you a dosage of 500mg at a time, we recommend to combine this dosage from 2 pills of 250mg. The reason for this recommendation is simple. Most of the patients suffer from side effects on Metronidazole treatment. Your healthcare provider may decide to lower your dosage and to give you 250mg but are more frequent intervals of time. Having pills of 500mg you will only need to split them, while if you buy Metronidazole online in pills of 250mg you will easily downgrade to a lower dosage with less risks to get different dosage each time with each split pill.

Another reason of getting the drug in lower dosage is that after the end of the treatment you may need to repeat a course in a lower dosage as the lab tests may indicate the remaining bacteria in your body. If this left untreated the infection may reoccur in a short interval of time.

Risk #3 not getting enough of information on intake

Metronidazole treats sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases may perform symptoms or may feature asymptomatic flow. Nevertheless both partners must get treatment.

If you buy the drug without prescription, then please, follow the instructions provided with the drug. In  case of acute symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, please, take one-time 2g dosage. If you buy 250mg pills of Metronidazole, then take 8 pills at a time. Be sure, your partner takes the same preventive dosage even if he does not experience any symptoms.

During the next sexual intercourse your partner will contaminate and infect you again and again.

If you buy Metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, please, be sure you know that you can combine pills with intravaginal gel not changing the dosage of the pills you swallow. Te gel will provide local effect and will ease the symptoms immediately.

If you buy the drug for long term treatment of infections of bones, teeth, soft tissues, then buy only the Metronidazole 250mg pills as this drug is forbidden to take in maximum dosages for a prolonged period of time.

Algorithm of safe purchase of Metronidazole online

  1. Visit your doctor and get your diagnose proved – sexual diseases perform the same symptoms at the beginning but not all of them are susceptible to Metronidazole
  2. Find out your proper dosage – you have understood that the best one for you is 250mg per pill
  3. Calculate how many pills you need for treatment considering your partners
  4. Evaluate the website you are going to buy the drug from: whether it is trustable, whether it provides complete information on the drug, whether it indicates side effects, precautions and contraindications.
  5. Compare the dosages and looks of original drugs with those offered on the website.

If everything is ok, then make your order!