Metronidazole 500mg: effective treatment, safe usage and side effects

buy flagyl onlineMetronidazole is an antibiotic drug administered to patients for treatment of various bacterial diseases. This drug must not be taken if an origin of a disease is unknown. The drug is administered only for treatment of the diseases caused with strongly susceptible strains of bacteria. Otherwise the medication will fail to help. Moreover it will worsen the case masking key symptoms. All of the antibiotic drugs perform anti-inflammatory action, this effect relieves the symptoms but the drug itself does not work against a disease thus giving the infection time to develop, grow and thrive.


Metronidazole is also effective against certain types of protozoa. However it does not treat viruses. So, you can not use this medicine against common cold or flu as these diseases are caused with viruses.

Why Metronidazole is not effective against viruses?

Viruses are extra cellular form of life. Metronidazole as common antibiotic prevents bacteria from growth and parting. The medication penetrates the cells of bacteria and integrates in their DNAs preventing the DNA structures from replication. DNA replication is the main condition of growth and development for living cell organisms. In this way Metronidazole stops bacteria from growing and developing. Viruses do not have DNA structures. While living outside a human cell viruses consist only from parts of DNA or RNA structures. The viruses can develop and replicate only when they integrate into human cells. That is why using Metronidazole will be of no effect against these forms of life. If you suspect a viral infection, then you need to see a doctor to get effective medicines prescribed.

What diseases does Metronidazole treat?

Metronidazole is available under another brand name – Flagyl. If you buy flagyl online, you can be sure that it is the same medicine as Metronidazole. You can also find the flagyl pills with prefix ER.

metronidazole 500mgThe medicine is used to treat bacterial infections, inflammations and complications of other diseases in various parts of the body. The drug acts in the same way for treatment of mouth or throat infections so for acute bowel infections.

Though the medicine is only available with doctor’s prescription, still you can buy Metronidazole and Flagyl online over the counter. Mind that if you buy and administer drugs all by yourself to treat or ease some conditions in your body, then you take all the responsibility for improper usage of the drug and all the possible consequences of the treatment and complications of the disease. Improper treatment may not only lead to worsening of the existing conditions, but it may harm other conditions and damage some organs as kidneys and liver. Thus, if you make a decision to take Metronidazole on your own without seeing or consulting a doctor in any possible way, then you must strictly keep to the instruction provided by a manufacturer with the drug.

All the information provided in this review is only of recommendatory character and must not be used as indications for your actions.

Mind that many bacterial infections are life threatening if untreated in due time. Moreover many infections are transmitted to other people through commonly shared environment. This mean that you can transmit the infection to your close people with whom you share your home or office or can be in close contact in the street, bus, store or elsewhere.

Metronidazole can be used only against the strains of bacteria and protozoa which have performed strong susceptibility to the action of the medicine. Otherwise the treatment will turn ineffective.

Metronidazole is used to treat:

  • pelvic inflammations
  • vaginal infections and sexual diseases as trichomoniasis
  • endocarditis
  • amebiasis

After the medicine got approved to be used against certain types of bacteria, medical practice showed that the drug may be of great use for treatment of the next cases:

  • diarrhea and antibiotic-related colitis
  • bowel diseases complicated with severe inflammations
  • ulcers in stomach and various forms of gastritis
  • parasite infections of the stomach and intestines

Only medical tests can diagnose which type of bacteria is contaminating a body and which medication will be of great help. However it is impossible to get an exact diagnosis at home relying only upon your own sensations. If an infection will be wrongly diagnosed, then the wrong treatment will just worsen the case.

The biggest risk is that most of antibiotics are know to damage kidneys. The tissues and cells of kidneys are impossible to recover.

What forms of Metronidazole are available?

Metronidazole is a drug sold in the next forms:

  • pills/pills of extended release
  • capsules
  • suspension powders
  • gel

Only a doctor may decide which of the form of the drug will be more suitable for a certain disease case. The absorption in the blood depends on the form of the medication.

Contraindications and precautions of Metronidazole

Metronidazole is a powerful drug suppressing immune system and killing bacteria and protozoa in the body of a patient. It can harm liver and kidneys. Only a doctor should estimate the positive expected results of treatment and possible risks of administration of the Metronidazole. However if you decide on your own to try Metronidazole to treat some bacterial infections in your body, then you should consider the following information.

Metronidazole and allergic patients

Manufacturer states standard information about the use of the drug in the allergic patients. People will allergic reactions to the class of medication must not take the drug. In case you have had allergic responses to the drugs of the nitroimidazoles class then you must not take the Metronidazole pills or suspension. Contact your health care provider to find out which alternatives are possible for your case. If you have had lad tests to indicate which type of the bacteria are causing inflammation in your body, then there must be an indication to which drugs these bacteria are susceptible. It is not recommended to choose the drugs on your own, however you can buy flagyl online or choose its alternatives and get your symptoms relieved.

If you visit a doctor to get prescriptions for your disease, then tell the therapist you have had allergies to medications. Also list all the triggers to which you body may respond with allergies reaction. These can be foods and drinks, chemicals, care products, environmental triggers as fur or flowers.

Do not take any drugs if you can perform an allergic reaction.

Metronidazole in pediatric patients

Metronidazole is an antibiotic medication of choice to use in children. Never give Metronidazole on your own to your child. The studies have not shown potential risks to the health of kids, but it is not recommended to be used in newborns and infants. Only pediatrician can decide what a optimum treatment for a kid will be.

Metronidazole in elderly patients

Geriatric patients are another risk group in which powerful antibiotics should be used with extreme care. The matter is that body parts get worn out with time. Some aged patients have chronic diseases which are direct contraindications to some treatments. Some of the failures flow symptomless or presenting unobvious symptoms as general state worsening (kidney deficiency, for example). In these case Metronidazole is forbidden and a doctor should seek for alternative solutions.

Another risk of using Metronidazole in elderly patients are liver diseases. If there are no alternatives to Metronidazole in aged patients, then a doctor should:

  • adjust a dosage of Metronidazole (for example, the intake can be divided into several times instead of one time per day, this will reduce the impact on liver)
  • other medications to support liver function and to ensure its proper recovery should be included into the treatment
  • a patient should be tested to monitor the liver function and the efficiency of the antibiotic drug (usually blood tests are done).

Metronidazole can be used in pregnant patients

Metronidazole is safe medication and can be used in pregnant women. Some doctors avoid the risks and do not prescribe Metronidazole to patients in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Numerous clinical studies have proved that the medication does not produce harmful effect on fetus and on newborn children.

But the medication is not recommended to be used in women during breastfeeding. It is proved that Metronidazole penetrates blood milk and can affect a baby. Though the medicine will not do harm to the child, still the risks should be avoided.

If there is a need to take Metronidazole during breastfeeding, then we recommend:

  • to stop feeding your baby with breast milk for a period of antibiotic treatment
  • get back to breastfeeding not sooner than after 7 days after termination of antibiotic treatment as the drug needs time to be cleared out from the body completely.

If we are talking about a mother having bacterial infection and feeding a child with a breast milk, then a child should be examined and tested. The matter is that adult immune system “knows” how to cope with different types of bacteria, infections and inflammations, while an immune system of newly born baby is too weak to resist bacterial infections. An infection which is commonly harmless to an adult, may kill a baby.

Please, do not neglect the health of your kid. Immediately visit a doctor if you notice the symptoms of inflammation or suspect to transmit to a kid any bacterial infections.

Which conditions are contraindications to use of Metronidazole 500mg

There are certain conditions which you should consider before you buy Flagyl online (another brand name of Metronidazole 500mg). These conditions are not direct contraindications for Metronidazole but require certain correction of standard dosages and schemes of intake. Warn your doctor if you have had or have now the next conditions as:

  • brain diseases as encephalopathy, various nature meningitis)
  • blood disorders as leukopenia
  • eye diseases as optic neuropathy or any vision changes or disorders
  • vaginal micro-flora disorders as yeast infections
  • any stages of kidney diseases
  • liver dysfunctions

All of these cases require medical supervision during treatment with Metronidazole.

Which dosages of Metronidazole are required to treat infections?

Every disease and every individual case requires an individually prescribed dosage of Metronidazole. Your doctor will consider your disease history, your overall state and certain contraindications as well as co-existing diseases which may sufficiently limit the treatment of bacterial infection due to a high risk of drug interactions.

If you buy Flagyl online or take Metronidazole without consulting your doctor, then follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the patient’s information leaflet.

In this section we will provide only standard prescription dosages. Do not change a dosage if you get it prescribed by your doctor or the drug leaflet indicates another dosage for your case.

Amebiasis infections and inflammations commonly require from Metronidazole 500mg to 750mg dosage taken at a time up to 3 to 5 times per day.

If amebiasis is treated in children, then a one time dosage is calculated upon a body weight of a child. A day dosage of Metronidazole is from 35 to 50mg of Metronidazole per every kilogram of body mass. An entire dosage should be given in three equal parts in equal intervals during a day.

Acute bacterial infections require higher dosages of Metronidazole. For adults and teenagers the dosage will be from 7,5mg to 10mg per every kilogram of body weight given every 6 hours (four times per day). The length of treatment should not be shorter than 7 days and should not exceed 10 days. If the symptoms will not improve or even will get worse during this period of time, then you must contact your doctor immediately. This indicates that the treatment does not work as expected and may lead to severe consequences. Time matters much in this case.

If you take extended release pills of Metronidazole, then a one time dosage should be 750mg and the treatment course should last at least 7 days. By the end of the treatment a patient should get blood tests done to monitor the response of the infection, the state of blood, kidneys and liver.